Capacity Building

Spiritual Renewal 9 Months
Training of Formators 9 Months
Counseling 9 Months
Agriculture Skills 3 Weeks
Junior Professed Religious 1Month
Senior Novices 1Month
Training Chapter Facilitators 6 weeks
Training Leaders in Teams 4 Weeks
Administration 2 Years
Finance Managers 2 Months
Facilitative Leadership Skills 2 weeks
Community Animators 20 days
Introduction to Computer Skills 2 weeks
Mid-life Religious 2 weeks
Formators Renewal 2 weeks
Ageing Gracefully 2 weeks
General Chapter Exploration 1 weeks
Animators 1 weeks

Right now ARU is planning to begin a College of higher learning to offer Certificate, Diploma and degree courses in Spiritual Theology and faith development, Philosophy, and Counselling and other courses will be added later.

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